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Global Business Development
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The team consists of advanced nano materials science, manufacturing systems experts, Clean Tech and Global Oceanic Innovators, reef and major infrastructure design, deployment and testing experts. Marine Biology, bio-compatibility, and pure business administration acumen to ensure that Reef Life systems, and entire product lines are capable every step of the way from design to deployment.

Reef Life Restoration provides site and problem specific consultation and testing. Engineers then create appropriate design, cost valuations, implementation strategies and monitoring frequencies of our diverse eco-marine materials matrix for oceanic and coastal applications.


Melody Saunders Brenna CEO Co-Founder  for Melody Saunders Brenna CEO

Dedicated to growing companies in multiple industries focused on Nano Materials Science and advanced cement innovation as well as LAM High Performance Building Systems utilizing  proprietary cellular concrete technology.Reef Repair & Regeneration Projects using compatible reef biology as well as constructing barrier reefs, "Reef Forest Farms" underwater sculpture gardens, and architectural masterpieces for reef diving. The architecture of Ancient Atlantis is very exciting to us as a recreation project. Our field of research, reef science on nano levels, combined with long standing construction and stone casting expertise is perfectly suited to reef rebuilding on numerous levels.
Our casting experience and creativity lends itself to casting reef sculptures, reef defense security walls, reef mooring stations for boats and complete reef science eco systems. Because this is a first in the marine research world, will be a global draw for Marine Biologists, divers, and countries seeking reef repair solutions, and reef species habitats for oysters and clams, and fish growth and migration within our reef structures. Aquaculture substrates promote healthy growth cycles.

Funded a new Materials Science Lab for West Texas A&M University; advanced materials testing of magnesium oxides, working with Argonne National Laboratories. Invited to the State of Florida in 2005 to study and create reef repair and regeneration materials. Created research division for eco-cements including reef and marine environment ceramics and other composites, air and surface cleaning sealants, and multiple cement-related high performance mixtures and topical treatments.

Invited to Libya 2006 - 2008 to investigate, outline design, and implementation for the restoration of Roman Ruins. Libyan and other Global UNESCO Historic Property Restoration information outlines and packages available upon request.

Board Member of the Presbyterian Children’s Home, Amarillo, Texas - renovated eight homes.

Participates, donates and raises funds for multiple charitable organizations globally including The Hunger Project. A third generation Rotarian, Melody follows in the footsteps of her family’s interest in creating educational opportunities for American youth.

Grazyna Szczepaniak Global Business Development

Grace Grazyna Szczepaniak,  Msc in Environmental Protection from Warsaw University, Poland, with broad experience professional from the variety of companies. She spent 12 years at Procter and Gamble, introducing new materials into manufacturing, working also as an Environmental Manager. For the next 8 years she volunteered as a president of Emmaus, the charity running thrift stores,  supporting and employing the homeless. The charity became the first Polish nonprofit completely self-sufficient and independent from grants and donations. The technological startup she co-founded in 2013 brought her to Bay Area, as the software was provided to Stanford University, University of San Francisco and others. Grace came back to her original calling, our Planet Preservation, working in solar energy industry and plastic waste recycling. As she has been always an enthusiast of miracles and wonders of underwater ecosystems she joined Reef Life in 2019


“ The area of Reef Life Restoration activity is especially dear to me,  as my husband and I are avid divers (CMAS certified), we have been to 14 diving trips to Red Sea, Egypt. Throughout these years’ adventures, we were able to witness with our own eyes the progressing degradation of reefs along Hurghada and Sharm-el-Sheikh coasts.  Each year we had to go further by boats to be able to see the living reefs. That was really depressing. That’s why I felt every effort should be put into reef restoration and I am honored to be a part of it.” Grace


Zoe Ward Marine Biologist & Ocean Impact Assessment

Zoë grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia where her love for the ocean and passion for conservation began. After traveling across the globe and studying in countries such as Brazil and Norway, Zoë graduated from Dalhousie University with a double major in Marine Biology and Sustainability. She also received a certification in Environmental Impact Assessment while living on the east coast of Canada. Her previous experience includes marine naturalist work and data collection for Wild Whales Vancouver and Gili Shark Conservation in Indonesia as well as cold water coral and sponge internships with the Ecology Action Center Halifax.


“I am ecstatic to be helping Reef Life Foundation with their ground breaking project in coral restoration and preservation. Throughout my education and work experiences, I have always been passionate about species conservation and focused much on my energy on this aspect of marine biology. I am fortunate and grateful to be advising on a project, that I believe, has the potential to make a significantly positive impact on devastated coral populations.”


Fun facts about me: I have a PADI Dive Master certification as well as my Captain's license for small commercial vessels within Canada, so needless to say I love working on AND in the water!

Guyon Brenna Co-Founder Design Lead

Guyon Brenna, Reef Life Design Lead was included in the prestigious Buckminster Fuller Catalyst program for his 3D reef solutions designs he has been creating for the past 4 years, including these for wind-turban aquaculture units:  The Red Sea Reef structures he created are in the United Nations Climate Action : Guyon recently graduated with a degree in architecture and has been awarded 30 Under 30 by EarthX and American Conservation, with Audubon:

Robin McGahey Brand & Media Management

​Robin McGahey is our Media Guru. A San Francisco native and recent graduate from the University of Washington, she double majored in Cinema & Media and International Affairs with a minor in Spanish. Her previous work experience includes Program Management and Marketing at Rodan + Fields, Post Production & Editing at Victory Studios in Seattle, and Archival & Inventory Management in the Special Collections department at UW.
“I am excited to be working with such a great organization that uses innovative nanotechnology to help the current environment on the ocean floor. Coral Reefs are vital to our ecosystem, and I feel very lucky to be working alongside Melody and the whole Reef Life team to be a part of the change. ”


Our Original Architectural Casting Company shows how our experts create exactly what each coral community requires.SEE Link:


Reef Life Restoration's chief nano marine scientist, Dr. Konstantin Sobolev, began working with Milestone Architectural and Melody Saunders Brenna in 2002 within the original stone casting facility in Amarillo, Texas where many of these advanced nano marine matrix compounds were developed and tested, including the coral cell formulas for Reef Life. 


Dr. Konstantin Sobolev Nano Materials Matrices

Scientific Publications:

Fellow of American Concrete Institute FACI: Chair of Material Science -Nanotechnology of Concrete for the American Concrete Institute, (ACI);  Also ACI 523 Cellular Concrete Chair


•PHD (1993) Research Institute of Concrete and Reinforced Concrete (NIIZHB) Russia

•BS/MS (1988) summa cum laude Moscow State Civil Engineering Univ. Russia

•MIT Concrete Sustainability HUB

•1990 to present, 25 years Research in Advanced Concrete Materials

•Mexican Academy of Sciences since 2006


Our chief scientist is the global innovator of high-strength and high-performance concrete from initial clinker stages through site specific infrastructure usages. He is a world renowned nano scientist, partner, founder and co-owner of Vicon Nano Science and has worked within the global concrete and cement industries since 1990.


The nano admixtures Vicon has developed positively affect diverse and vital fields from infrastructure construction projects and materials to marine growth matrices which provide structural substrates for underwater, bio, reef, and algae farming. Activation processes bring carbon efficiencies to precasters, and global infrastructure projects. Oil and Gas developments include recent advances in “Smart Materials” like self-healing cements and nano scale hydrocarbon pockets for pipelines, fly ash refuse (including class F, class C asphalts, nano mortars, eco and agri binders), and industrial coatings and sealants.​​


Dr. Matthew Raymond

Dr. Matthew (Matt) Raymond has a deep background as a technology manager and medical entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience in research, business development and intellectual property management in the biomedical sciences. Matt worked in academic technology transfer for three institutions including serving as the Director for the office at Rush University Medical Center. During his term at Rush, he led the growth of licensing revenues from $200,000 to over $7 million per year through an aggressive and careful effort at identifying, assessing and licensing inventions created by Rush researchers. He has been involved in the organization and licensing for more than two dozen academic start-up companies.  He has served as co-founder for three companies: SportTech, Inc., an orthopedic medical device company spun out of the University of Virginia; ApiRx, LLC, a drug development company focused on parasitology using technology spun out of the University of Chicago; and  Meridian CRDB, a medical records company that evaluated a database developed by Loyola  University Medical Center.

Matt has managed the filing and prosecution of patent applications for over 600 inventions. He is a registered Patent Agent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and has worked with many of the top IP law firms in the country. Matt enjoys working on patents in various biomedical fields and construction tools and has recently started working on green technologies.


Matt earned his MBA from the University of Virginia’s Darden Graduate School of Business and the PhD in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology from the University of Wyoming. He is a Certified Licensing Professional™ and open water dive certified by PADI.

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