Youth Science Teams

Andy Kuhlken Reef Habitat Design Tech

I have always been really passionate about the outdoors, ever since I was little. When I was younger, I couldn't wait to turn twelve so that I could get Scuba certified like my parents. On my first ever dive, our whole family took a dive trip to Thailand, and what I saw was not what I expected. The reef was not like what you see in all those amazing photos. What I saw was just trash and rubble from years of coral bleaching and human activity. That brought new light to the subject of solutions. When I attended the IUCN World Conservation Congress and heard Melody from Reef Life talk about their work, I was so grateful be given the opportunity to do this work, work that I know matters. 

            -Andy Kuhlken

Divers In Action Checking Reef Conditions

Videos from our Reef Site Team headed by Marine Biologist Katie Arruda- pictured in the first two videos, checking the coral site conditions in order to recommend a site specific restoration/improvement project.

Coral Reefs Spanish Virgin Islands

Why are corals so important?

Katie Arruda and Reef Dive Teams will continually update these video links for dive specific conditions, Reef Education from other sources we are affiliated with -OR think are vital to reef truth seekers, who want to know more-


This will also be one of the project web specific pages which will inform us on each project's ongoing progress, whether in the laboratory, or in the water!

Stay Tuned!!!

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