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Healthy Cereals Created by Kids, For Kids

"It’s pretty rare when a respected company asks for your input, but it is especially rare to be asked to be part of a small team to help co-create new products. Yet that is exactly what happened to me about a year ago. At that time, the cereal company Kashi asked me and 4 other youth from across the nation to help them create healthy new breakfast cereals aimed at kids."

Kashi is a 30-year-old food pioneer that produces nutritious plant-based foods including cereals, entrees and snacks with healthy ingredients. They are headquartered near San Diego, CA.

Instead of trying to guess what kids want in a cereal, Kashi went straight to the source and collaborated with a group of kids who are passionate about food and the planet, the Kashi Crew, to create foods that both kids and parents would love. The result is a collection of flavorful Kashi by Kids organic cereals – each featuring cool shapes and great tastes - but also superfood ingredients like chickpeas and red lentils.

The new cereals launched in August, and are available in three flavors:

• Kashi by Kids Berry Crumble – Crispy purple corn puffs are combined with tasty apple & strawberry flavor-filled pillows made with chickpeas to create a berry-licious and healthy bowl of goodness.

• Kashi by Kids Honey Cinnamon – Honey, cinnamon, red lentils and sweet apple come together in a nourishing combination of crispy swirled puffs and tasty filled pillows for a spoonful of fun and yum.

• Kashi by Kids Cocoa Crisp – Crispy cocoa bites made with chickpeas and filled pillows made with Fair Trade certified cocoa create a delightful start to the day.

Each cereal is Non-GMO Project Verified, sustainably-sourced, features a simple, organic ingredient list, and delivers diverse plant-based nutrition. There are at least 18g of whole grains, 3g fiber and 8g of sugar or less per serving, making them kid and parent approved. And 2 of the 3 cereals are vegan!

Creating Something #AwesomeTogether with the Kashi Crew

Kashi assembled a team of five inspiring Gen Z leaders, ages 12-17, for the debut Kashi Crew and each member brought fresh perspective with their specialized skills in food, nutrition, the arts and sustainability. Their knowledge and insight went into everything from the ingredients to the flavor combinations to the packaging and the names of the new Kashi by Kids cereals.

The Kashi Crew includes:

· Haile Thomas (17 yrs. old), a youth health activist, former network TV cooking show contestant and youngest Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach in the U.S. who founded the non-profit HAPPY to help young people embrace and enjoy healthy eating.

· Hannah Testa (15 yrs. old), a sustainability advocate, international speaker and founder of Hannah4Change, an organization dedicated to fighting issues that impact the planet.

· Valentine d’Arabian (13 yrs. old), an aspiring professional ballerina and current student at a nationally acclaimed dance school who loves seeking nutritious ways to fuel active lifestyles.

· Charlotte d’Arabian (12 yrs. old), a passionate baker and former contestant on a major network TV cooking show with a talent for creating unique and delicious flavor combinations.

· Evan Robinson (12 yrs. old) A talented and creative farm-to-table chef who competed in one of the top cooking competition shows for kids and has been nationally recognized for his philanthropic efforts.

Additional information on the Kashi Crew can be found here:


I created life-long friends working with Kashi and the Kashi Crew. Kashi did a great job carefully assembled a team of Gen Z leaders from ages 12-17. Each member brought a fresh perspective with their specialized skills in food, nutrition, the arts and sustainability. Their knowledge and insight went into everything from the ingredients to the flavor combinations to the packaging and the names of the new Kashi by Kids cereals. I really enjoyed learning from each of these inspiring young leaders and getting to know about their journey and passion in life.

I am so impressed by both the incredible team at Kashi as well as my peers on the Kashi Crew. Kashi fully involved us in every step of the process, and I am so proud of the end results. What made this project unique and exciting was that a big company truly set out to involve youth in important decisions, and I hope this starts a trend with other businesses to involve the next generation.

So please give these cereals a try, and more importantly, use the products as a way to help your children understand where their food comes from and how healthy food choices can positively impact themselves, their communities, and the planet. If you are a business owner or organizational leader, think about how you can engage the next generation, for they are the future.

I hope our collective passion for food and planet inspires you to make a positive impact in the world. Kashi by Kids cereals are now available at grocers nationwide. For more information, visit www.kashibykids.com or www.hannah4change.org

Written by

Hannah Testa

Founder, Hannah4Change





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