Disneynature Earth Day @EarthX Penguins


Earthx and Mission Blue Conference:2018, gathering world-renowned scientists, business leaders, non-profits and governments to address the inland connection to the ocean. Experts from around the globe provided plenary sessions in the morning, and moderated breakout sessions in the afternoon to provide an opportunity to engage on critical ocean issues. Reef Life Restoration Co-Founder Melody Saunders Brenna was among global ocean innovators presenting at EarthXfilm.

Sylvia Earle with Disneynature Penguins Clip: http://video.disney.com/watch/penguins-trailer-56a4e69bae2cc2cca5a11bc2

Brett Howell, environmental markets entrepreneur, who mentored Reef Life Restoration within the Clean Tech Innovation launch in 2016, presented at the Ocean conference. Shown right with Sylvia Earle and at the Ocean Gala with Melody Brenna Reef Life CEO.

Reef Life's presentation highlighted cutting-edge ocean technologies having substantial, positive impacts on our oceans; including the latest innovation, our Reef Rescue, Safe Anchor Mooring Stations which protect delicate seabed environments from boat anchors while providing habitats for oysters, fish and diverse coral species:


Foundations purchase both mooring anchorage systems, as well as reef-fish habitats and use as a funding opportunity for their donors, so they can "rebuild the oceanic communities".

The latest scientific "Coral Reef Mineral Matrix" from Reef Life Nanoscience was the core of the EarthX Conference presentation launching the new faceted coral habitats with sides specifically created for certain functions: One for coral spawn capture and protection, another for farmed coral outplanting, another specifically created for tiles growing micro-fragmented lab corals.


Reef Life scientists use these as specific growth catalysts, mimicking the complexity and biodiverse compounds of natural coral reefs. The vision of this project is to deploy these smart substrates on reefs worldwide and use these technologies to protect and recover global coral populations. Many ocean scientists feel that entire reef populations will have to migrate to cooler waters, such as the Great Barrier Reef, where there are no structures to receive them. These can be cast in MASSIVE scale for new coral habitats and complete migration systems covering mile after mile of territory.

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