#RestoreCoral Saving REEFS With Roberto Cerda

Roberto Cerda: Social Innovator, Founder of Dreamo Virtual Reality, Founder of the Mexican Institute of Mixed Realities, Leader and Founder of the Restore Coral Project.

"What we do is bringing social innovation, strategic liaison, global emerging technology, art and culture as an activator of human consciousness, design market based solutions that incorporates the best reef science and tech solutions. We are a 100% civic society initiative, and we are taking responsibility with our own limited resources. "

"We wonder why none of the local heroes gets the support to perform in a better way, there is no inclusion to civic society in the big negotiation tables, we do need global perspective but only local action will work, we work for the people, we know the people, we are the people and we know that the corruption and lack of empathy had aloud this situation to happen, we are the generation that will go in history as the one that lost the ecosystems or save it, we took our side in history.... and we are taking names."...Roberto

Restore Coral is a project born in Barcelona in the year of 2013 as a part of the 2050 Life Program where we address the state of crisis of our oceans from a Social Innovation and Emerging Technology angle.

For 4 years now we have implemented innovative strategies in favor of coral and the 14th objective of the United Nations Program for Sustainable Development (Life under Water).

Active Members of the International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE) for UNESCO.

Recognized as Agents of Change by MTV for implementing Virtual Reality as an empathy creating tool in favor of our oceans, Restore Coral has toured the worlds most important festivals with the sole purpose of sensitizing the generations who have inherited the problems of Climate Change (Millennials), since it will be up to them to make the toughest decisions, in our country (Mexico) there is a huge lack of information regarding this subject, actions are being generated to involve children from rural communities with environmental issues, generating a closing of the digital gap as a result, they have also been selected as speakers in different specialized international forums such as: the World Ocean Conference of UNDP in NYC, Sustainable Innovation Forum at the COP23 in Bonn, Germany and the World Ocean Summit held by The Economist.

Setting in motion the restoration of the mesoamerican reef by presenting a “1 vote = 1 coral” initiative during the Quintana Roo State elections of 2016 of then candidate and now Governor Carlos Joaquin Gonzalez. Now the State government, INAPESCA and CONANP have the commitment of planting 260,000 colonies of coral (24 units per colony, 6´240,000 units of coral) under this administration, generating a tendency in the public sector in favor of the coral reef, also promoting an agreement in our nations Senate through Senator Luz María Beristain, who is the Secretary of the National Commission for Climate Change, where the Third Work Commission of the Permanent Commission of Congress, Secretary of Finances, Agriculture and Promotion, Communications and Public Works recognized the implementation of Emerging Technologies in favor of the environment, the use of Virtual Reality Tech and Enhanced Reality, Big Data and Blockchain, the scope reached in specialized international forums and the active coral farms working for 3 years now in Cozumel.

"These are some of the many ways that this social organization has executed valuable actions in benefit of the coral ecosystem, resulting in a collaborative effort between authorities and civil society to reach a common goal of multiplying the positive results in our country to protect and restore the natural patrimony held in our oceans."

Working collaboratively with local actors like the Cozumel Coral Reef Restoration Program who also has submarine farms in a buffer zone with a large tourist traffic, a solutions are planted based on this market that could transform tourism as the force behind the restoration of the coral reef, they have attained treaties of collaboration between INAPESCA, The Global Coral Reef Alliance, Naturalia A.C., World Federation Coral Reef Conservation and assessments by scientific specialists such as Dr. Anastazia Banaszak from UNA and the Coordinator of the

Commission for the Sustainable Development for Islands and New Technologies for the UN Dr. Thomas Goreau, as well as responsible reef operators so that we may all create and install a program that includes public and private sectors, academics and civilian society.

This innovative program strives to integrate, highlight, empower and finance the many different efforts of coral restoration.

Restore Coral: Social Innovation and Emerging Technologies in favor of the protection and restoration of Mexico´s Bio Cultural patrimony.


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