Climate Resilient ECO Construction Zero Waste Fire Resistant Homes MHS

Innovative, durable, high performance & low maintenance: rapid response building envelope--MHS

"The leader is one who,

out of the clutter, brings simplicity… out of discord, harmony… and out of difficulty, opportunity."

"My mission is simple. Provide Food, Water and Shelter to all in need." Brad Diaz MHS Building Systems 1. Water filtration system: No moving parts or electricity affordable & portable. 2. Food: Indoor Agriculture Pure, Healthy and grown responsibly. 3. Shelter: Modular Housing Systems Building Technology creates a New building methodology. It can be built by unskilled workers. Deploy-able anywhere in the world. Safest most sustainable builds in the world. Affordable & Obtainable. Simple, Easy, no excuses.

Every leader has pledged to help the people, NOW let's do it!

Keys to simplicity in eco-construction:

MHS is a Patented Modular Structural Aluminum Framing Systems, Using SIP panels for walls, roofs and floors. All components are prefabricated.Structural Insulated Panel Frame Assembly:

Modular Units "Bolt Together"

Blueprints easily followed as full instructions include each piece, cut to fit at factory for no problems at the jobsite.




Safe, Affordable and Easily Obtainable.

Modular housing system exceeds the the current and future needs of the built environment.

Climate Resilient Construction made for Future Generations Today.

Click Press Release Below to review Testing Approvals:

General Building Codes Approval Type V Construction– MHS Structural Aluminum Framing (LARR 25703 CSI # 06 12 0 Research Report)

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