Ocean Wealth Valuation Atlas

Ocean ecosystems are as varied as they are valuable. Fishing, Tourism, Coastal Protection< the list is LONG and immensely valuable to each person on this planet!

Value of coral reefs per year (USD) $35,780,000,000 Total Visitation Value $69,895,000

Highest value reefs (top 10%) generate> $908,000 per km2 per year

Ocean ecosystems are as varied as they are valuable. Seagrass meadows are veritable fish factories and carbon stores. Snorkeling and diving generate billions in tourist dollars. Oyster reefs support important fisheries, filter pollutants and reduce the impact of violent storms. When paired with saltmarshes, mangroves, ocean currents, nutrient-rich upwelling and other habitats, the ocean provides countless, often invaluable services to society.

We must cherish the ocean’s wealth of services.

To that end, Mapping Ocean Wealth moves us from broad global numbers to specific local details, allowing us to evaluate nature as an economic asset. The data then become actionable and inform engineering, financial and policy language that lead to better planning, conservation and investment decisions.


In mapping, we are calculating and describing—in both quantitative and spatial terms—all that the ocean does for us today, so we can ensure what the ocean will do for us tomorrow.

We will declare success only when the language of ocean wealth is integrated in government, business and conservation thinking, when partnerships develop across these varied interests and when a culture of stewardship prevails.


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