Force Blue Film Saving Grace NYC

Mission to Preserve our Oceans and Restore Our Veterans

Reef Life Science teams were blessed to attend the June 6th exclusive screening, of Mercy, Love & Grace: The Story of Force Blue, a celebration of Force Blue and its innovative new mission to preserve our oceans and restore our veterans.

Force Blue, a new nonprofit 501(c)(3) initiative, is uniting Special Operations veterans and former combat divers on a new mission to save our world’s coral reefs. By turning their specialized training and teamwork to aid in reef protection, these heroes are healing and saving themselves.

Force Blue and Working Pictures have joined forces with marine conservation leaders from around the globe to present this important message on saving the world’s oceans and coral reefs and what happens when veterans and marine conservationists band together for a mission of hope.

This special evening coincides with the United Nation’s Ocean Conference, and will feature a panel discussion with Jessica Harvey of the Guy Harvey Foundation, Wallace J. Nichols, author of the NYTimes bestseller Blue Mind, Dr. Carrie Elk of the Elk Institute, Air Force Pararescueman and Silver Star recipient Roger Sparks and Jim Ritterhoff, co-founder of Force Blue.

Join us and discover how when we are one team with one fight, we can indeed change the world.

LINK to Film

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