EU Spends €54 B Euro on Seafood What if there are NO more Fish?

IF fish no longer grow to maturity in our oceans, and overfishing is already rampant, how will coastal communities survive?

Reasons for eating fish:

  • They are healthy 74%

  • They taste good 58%

  • Low fat content 30%

  • Easy to digest 19%

  • Easy to prepare 17%

Fish lovers highlighted that they mainly eat fish products because they're healthy (74%) and they taste good (58%). In contrast, most people who don't eat fish said this was because they didn't like the smell or taste of the products they had tried. Efforts to improve the taste of fish products or expand what’s on offer could tempt these would-be consumers to give fish another try.

Because overfishing is bad as it is, without the added evil of fishing or consuming undersized fish: young specimens that were taken out of the water too soon and never had a chance to reproduce. When in doubt, use our ruler showing the minimum sizes for Mediterranean fish. And if size matters, so does season. Just like fruit and vegetables, seafood products can be in season or not, depending on their reproductive cycle. By avoiding eating, for instance, lemon sole, red gurnard, lobster or sardines in summer, we give those species time to reproduce and the stocks a chance to be renewed. We should also always consider the alternatives: there are quite a few lesser known species out there that you may have never tasted; and we can also diversify into farmed seafood, which is local, fresh and healthy. Thanks to the highest production standards in the world, fish farmed in the EU are safe for people, for the farmed species and for the environment.

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