Chasing Corals Sundance

Al Gore speaking at Sundance on Climate.

Jeff Orlowski and Alana Metcalf at Sundance discussing the brilliant film Chasing Corals and Reef Life Restoration solutions to large scale reef restoration.

Gore states, "every year of continuous inaction only raises the stakes."

The Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah this year premiered a variety of amazing, creative and risk-taking films. The Sundance Film Festival plays a vital role in identifying emerging international talent and topics, connecting them with audiences and industry around the world. The environmental impact films shown were extremely powerful and critical to exposing the real climate crisis we are facing today, urging us to take action.

"Chasing Coral" was a superb and compelling film documenting the real crisis we face with our coral reef ecosystems. It was educational, scientific and entertaining. This film follows scientist that demonstrate how the worlds coral reefs are rapidly dying from global climate change, which is hard to deny after viewing this film, even for skeptics. The Audience Award Winner for U.S. Documentary was given to “Chasing Coral”. Congratulations and thank you for this important film!

Showing at the festival, the perfect compliment to “Chasing Coral” was Al Gore’s, "An Inconvenient Sequel, Truth to Power”. This is his follow up film that highlights the physical evidence of a serious shift in global warming and climate change affecting our lands and oceans. There are a number of predictions made in the film that have already come to fruition. Gore continues to travel the world hosting educational seminars in the hope of giving other activists the knowledge and tools necessary to spread the word about the dangers of climate change, focusing on alarming increases in everything from greenhouse emissions to flood damage around the world. Gore states, "every year of continuous inaction only raises the stakes."

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