CleanTech's 4 BILLION Dollar INV Sectors

Agriculture & Food has seen rapid growth in investment since 2014, with figures in the last three years consistently doubling the value amount of investments of previous years. The sub-sectors driving this growth are very diverse, reflecting the aggregate nature of the sector as a whole. When unpacking the upstream agricultural and downstream food innovations, there’s a plethora of technologies to choose from showcasing current sectoral innovations.

Solar received $1.3B in investment during 2016 – the highest level of cleantech investment in the sector since 2011. With production cost and point of cost drastically falling, the sector remains an attractive proposition for new investment. On a macro-level, this positivity in the sector’s prospects is reflected in the record low bids we’ve seen at auction for solar energy, with a bid of $2.4c in Abu Dhabi in September.

The rise and rise of Transportation investment has largely been driven by investments in Mobility Services, with over $13.3B investment in sobility services deals in 2016. But even when mobility services are excluded like ride-hailing (Uber) or smart parking (WeSmartPark), there has still been significant growth in the Transportation sector, increasing by threefold in value from $1.3B in 2015 to $3.9B in 2016.

Smart buildings have been the headline sector in Energy Efficiency, with the smart home and commercial markets receiving the bulk of big investments. A prime example of these large smart building investments can be seen in Vivint’s $100M growth equity round led by Solamere Capital and Peter Thiel in April.

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