Sundance 2017 "New Climate" Chasing Corals Movie Debut

Filmmaker Jeff Orlowski has been chasing down evidence of climate change with his camera for years now. His 2012 documentary “Chasing Ice" used time lapse photography to document melting glaciers over a three year period. For his new movie, "Chasing Coral" Orlowski has gone under water.


“Chasing Coral" tracks how spectacular oceanic habitats are destroyed by warming oceans. He tells The Frame, "it's a very visual story. You can see coral reefs going from a living, healthy state to dead just in a matter of a couple of months." The film will make it's world premiere at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival in a new program titled "New Climate." Orlowski explained what a massive endeavor it was documenting the damage to coral reefs on a global scale and how he needed to go beyond his film crew to capture it all."At a certain point in this project, we realized that this phenomenon — the coral bleaching phenomenon where the coral turns white because the oceans simply are too hot — was happening all over, in places we couldn't get to ourselves. So we did a call out to a bunch of scuba divers through our network, and we've had hundreds of people contribute and show what's going on in their own backyards."

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