Clean Tech Global With Reef Life

Cleantech Open will hold the first Cleantech Week: February 6-10, 2017 in San Francisco.

With Cleantech Week, Cleantech Open aims to forge the necessary connections for a movement to evolve into an industrial revolution.

Reef Life Successfully completed the Clean Tech Open, and is attending the Clean Tech Event 2017!

Cleantech Week is a significant expansion of the Global Forum and Investor Connect events, held every November for just over a decade, at which the organization celebrated the graduation of a new cohort of entrepreneurs tackling our evermore pressing energy, environmental, and economic challenges. Cleantech Week convenes the cleantech industry and the climate movement to create new business opportunities, highlight solutions, engage citizens, cultivate partnerships, and spur further massive investment—building on the $320 billion of global capital invested last year in the cleantech sector.

A complete program overview is available here.

“Cleantech Week is a calling of the tribes, a gathering of all those seeking to create careers and generate capital by answering the climate change technology challenge,” said Ian Foraker, executive director of Cleantech Open. “Please join us in building our cleantech future: where industry is sustainable; where homes produce more energy than they consume; where electric, autonomous cars make traffic and urban smog distant memories; and where sustainable agriculture supports local ecosystems and feeds more people. Join us in celebrating many small wins guided by one big dream.”


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