Ocean On the Brink

On the brink of #COP21, the Ocean & Climate Platform discloses its 9 recommendations


The importance of the Ocean in climate change negotiations has been considered only until very recently. The following texts point to a change in mindset. They show that this planetary environment has at long last been given its rightful place in climate issues. Concerns such as the role that the ocean plays for the climate and the impacts of climate change on the ocean are addressed in this items.

The climate of our planet is largely dependent upon the ocean, but who is aware of this nowadays?

The ocean regulates the climate at a global scale due to its continuous exchanges with the atmosphere, whether they are radiative, mechanical or gaseous. The heat from the sun is absorbed, stored and transported by the ocean, thus affecting the atmospheric temperature and circulation. Although its ability to store heat is much more efficient than that of the continents or the atmosphere, the limits of this storage capacity are still unknown.

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