Reef Damage Site Casting New Reef

Coral Reef Damage happens every day, from anchors, boating, mining, coastal construction and military maneuvers. The ability to cast a new coral reef right on top of the damaged reef is new to the reef restoration industry. Cross Marine Construction crews handle the project from Assessment to Deployment of the New Reef or Fish Growth Habitats.

Reef Life Restoration expertise in architectural and construction casting with advanced nano-materials, and the utmost sustainability index brings a faster way to get reefs back in growth mode!

Damage to the reef is carefully assessed, then the planning on best methods of restoration are devised within the engineers, marine biologists, materials specialists and construction crews from Cross Marine.

Reef Life scientists take the samples from the damages site and create a specific mixture to repair the reef, including a plan for replanting broken corals, fragments, or incorporating dead, bleached corals in the new casting mixture.

Movie of Cross Marine Ocean Remediation and Construction:

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