Coral Site Assessments With Cross Marine Experts

Jonathan Cross, whose advanced DIVE Certifications include: International Commercial Diver certified with 10 years experience from FHWA, Underwater Bridge Inspection to EPA sediment contamination assessments. Jon is a member of International Association of Diving Contractors, successfully completing hundreds of complicated global underwater projects from cleanup, to explosives to advanced concrete forming underwater.

ROV Pilot since 2005 and many within the medical community. He is a Hyperbaric Technologist with many emergency medical certifications including ACLS, AMLS, PHTLS, PALS, among numerous others including a Diving Medical Technician.

Cross Marine Capabilities Movie Above:

Underwater inspection of various reef areas, using specialized equipment and support gear for commercial inspection dive operating working within environmentally sensitive areas. Although we have access to the latest in Remote Controlled Inspection Vehicles, experience has shown that these machines cannot replace human evaluations and or planning relative to locating problem areas and conducting shallow water evaluations and or reef repairs.

We will also provide diver controlled underwater video systems that will allow your personnel to monitor our work and findings from the surface in real time. This data will be recorded on DVD for future reference and documentation. As with any of the numerous inspections and survey projects Cross has completed, we insure the success of the project and pay utmost attention to safety and efficiency. We understand and comply with all safety and water quality guidelines for underwater work as specified by OSHA, The US Navy, The Bureau of Reclamation, The EPA, The various world wide Department of Water Quality and all other controlling agencies.

Ocean Recovery Global Projects from Cross Marine: see movie below:

Reef Life nano materials scientists depend upon Cross Marine for Coastal and DEEP Sea Assessment through Deployment of our specialized reef and fish habitats, coastal and sea wall barriers as well as advanced marine construction elements.

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