United Nations OCEANS Climate 12th Nov 2016 how to ACT Now to Save


UN United Nations 12th November 2016 OCEANS Climate Action:

The global ocean is fundamental to sustaining life on Earth; it is a major carbon sink, it absorbs heat, and produces half the oxygen we breathe. Shipping, fisheries and aquaculture, energy, biotechnology, and mineral and biological extraction, generate USD 3-6 trillion, and are seen as a major avenue for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14 on oceans and seas through Blue Economy.

However, climate change is having profound and regionally diverse impacts on ocean ecosystems and services. Considerable capacity development and financing are required to address the challenge of climate change, especially for coastal and small island populations.

COP 21 highlighted the importance of oceans in the climate system through the mobilization of over 150 parties and 40 ocean-related events. COP 22 will translate mobilization into action, with an adaptation and mitigation package including innovative measures, supported by ambitious financing mechanisms and capacity development measures.

The Oceans Action Event at COP 22 will showcase how the world is tackling climate change impacts on oceans, seas, and coastal and island contexts. The purpose is to review initiatives launched in COP 21 as part of the Lima-Paris Action Agenda, announce new initiatives, with multi-national and multi-stakeholder contributions to the solution space.

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