Coral Vita Advanced Science

Coral Vita ( works to restore our world's dying reefs. It is an innovative reef restoration company with expertise in coral farming that can provide living coral colonies to incorporate into global reef restoration projects.

Coral Vita provides a range of native and resilient coral species for restoration projects, enabling holistic and high impact revitalization of degraded or damaged reefs.

Their corals are specifically tailored to each restoration location, and are grown to enhance levels of resiliency against the warming ocean temperatures and acidifying water conditions that threaten reef health. They also incorporate methodologies developed by the Mote Marine Lab to accelerate coral growth up to 50x natural rates.

Working with Coral Vita will allow Reef Life Restoration to bring our newly built engineered reefs to life right after we deploy them in the ocean. This means that the ecosystem will not only benefit from our patented nano-technology reef structures, but also from new resilient living coral colonies that will in tandem help restore the health of ocean ecosystems.

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