Solving Coral REEF Problems one Site at a Time:


RLR developed smart substrates with variable surface pH values, so that farmed coral out planting can have higher success rates. Multiple coral research facilities have requested the biodiversity of RLR coral materials and coatings for enhanced coral adaptability. RLR maintains that a diverse set of substrates is necessary for increased coral environments, which promote more fish and species interaction than one material. This innovation process is the reason for striations of mineral layers, thus creating more natural habitat structures which have been requested by several other coral laboratory researchers.


The smart substrates assemble like architectural ‘LEGO’ units. Each unit can be outfitted with a combination of the novel growth formulations, custom surface topography, and other species-specific features such as farmed coral attachment holes or spawning bed textures. As a result of these customizable features, each smart substrate can be planted with a different species of coral that is able to quickly and effectively reach maturity, and thrive in this specialized environment.  Coral Growth Mixture LINK

"The most exciting part is to know that we can now design state of the art and science artificial breakwaters and combine state of the marine science coral restoration to make a living breakwater"


Reef Life Restoration scientists work on diverse mineral and nanoparticle coral compatible growth compounds within our marine cell matrices. Conductivity upgrades and colour formulations also assist in more rapid coral growth.These unique formulas can be easily cast into the reef structures we have created for a site specific problem. This results in quicker coral development, on marine life friendly structures that can be easily installed globally.


Our marine biodiversity habitats can grow medicines or minerals, create restorative micro climates, OR attract reef predators away from healthy reefs. They can protect shorelines from storm damage, or invasive fishing and recreation.

Coral Growth Mixture LINK


Our latest massive reef acreage casting and simple deployment strategies can cover far more territory with far less funding using kenematic casting and setting systems.       Nanoscience cures the molecular problems; our structures provide the substrate for the science.

Please Contact Reef Life and we will help to explain the effect of the main technological parameters of the mixture compositions on the performance of our Reef Life compositions in marine environments.

The bio-compatibility and bio-mimicry attributes of developed Reef Life substrates can be tailored by the design for required chemical composition and pH, addition of eco-friendly mineral additive(s), by formation of desired micro- and macro- structures, using color, and also introduction of porosity (by application of porous aggregates, application of soluble ingredients – “coral building blocks,” etc.) The application of nano-compounds to improve the performance of oceanic substrate systems with high volume of mineral additives is part of our scientific expertise. 


A complete evaluation of the mechanical performance (bond, compressive strength development, flexural strength, etc.) of marine cell growth compounds with different content of mineral additives is required in order to meet site requirements. Please contact us for your specific needs and one of our science teams will get a development project outline to you. 

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