Milestone Architectural Ornamentation (The precursor company to Reef Life, created the industry first laboratory for casting of reef elements and nano materials development in Texas with Dr. Konstantin Sobolev. Milestone was the highest awarded stone company in the United States with the following awards for excellence, and for the leadership of  Co-founder Melody Saunders Brenna This is the essence behind 20 years of intricate architectural design, engineering and casting experience, which brings Reef Life these abilities. Some of the architectural and building casting projects can be found on our photo album site: 




  • Enterprise Innovation First Interactive Architectural Website 1998

  • Top Small Business Chamber Commerce 2000-2001

  • Top Small Business North Texas (regional) SBA 2003

  • Top Small Business State of Texas (Washington DC, SBA) 2003

  • District Directors Choice Award, Southern USA (Washington DC, SBA)  

  • Export Achievement Awards Texas

  • Global Export Council

  • Texas Senate Export Proclamation 2004

  • Addy Awards, Civic and National Advertising

  • Multiple GREEN and Sustainable Construction Accolades

Reef Repair & Regeneration Projects using compatible reef biology as well as constructing underwater sculpture gardens, and architectural masterpieces for reef diving, the caliber of Ancient Atlantis is very exciting to us as our field of research, reef science on nano levels, combined with long standing construction and stone casting expertise is perfectly suited to reef rebuilding on numerous levels.


Our casting experience and creativity lends itself to reef sculptures, reef defense security walls, reef mooring stations for boats and complete reef science eco systems. Because this is a first in the marine research world, will be a global draw for Marine Biologists, divers, and countries seeking reef repair solutions, and reef species farming, like oyster and clam farms, and fish growth and migration within our reef forests.


The “mimicking” of the structure and composition of coral reefs, creating the thrill of seeing a live reef in action and extrapolating this out to real world reef repair globally will be an interesting draw for both students and reef enthusiasts, as well as tourists, researchers and students of marine biology, which can reinforce the importance of rebuilding our reef systems.


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