Lianna Nixon

Adventures in

Historic Architecture


Engineers available to customize       a site and solution specific structure.
See Finest Architectural casting systems from Reef Life original company Milestone Architectural:

The dive experience of a "Swim Through Sculpture", reminiscent of Ancient Atlantis, Roman Ruins or any type of ART garden can be custom created by our architectural design and engineering experts.

Our coral farm contacts globally as well as reef scientists will be filling the floor panels of these with planted corals fostering new fish and marine growth communities.

https://www.viconecosystems.com/architectural-ornamentation  Ruins MFG with our Original

Architectural Casting Operation where the Reef Life IP and Manufacturing Systems were developed and perfected.

"We All Need A Little Archaeology In Our Lives"


What do archaeology and coral reefs have in common?

As unlikely as this pair may seem, archaeology and coral reef solutions do have something in common: Roman cement. Reef Life has created advanced versions of Roman cement to cultivate coral and marine growth efficiently. Roman cement is one of the most durable long-lasting surfaces in the world; millennia-old concrete structures still stand today.The mixture is made of volcanic ash, lime, seawater, and volcanic rocks, and when it reacts with seawater, the volcanic material dissolves and allows new binding minerals to take place. Needless to say, the contributions from our ancient pasts still impact our present and even our future. See Reef Life Coral Science


Lianna Nixon is a conservationist and archaeologist from Boulder, Colorado. She has always been fascinated with ancient Mediterranean civilizations and what they left behind, for studying Classical archaeology has taught her how to analyze the unique qualities that define the contributions of ancient Greece and Rome, and ultimately, what it means to be human. In 2017, she received her Bachelor of Arts in Classical Archaeology and Art History from University of Colorado, Boulder. She was especially interested in the cross-cultural influences within material culture and Geographic Information Systems. While pursuing her degree, she worked on two archaeology projects in Greece; a survey in the Western Argolid and an excavation in Sikyon. She is also a wildlife photographer and active conservationist. She currently works as an expedition team member for Reef Life’s partner, SeaLegacy, a Non-Profit organization that utilizes the power of story-telling through the use of innovative communication. 


She is elated to be working with Reef Life Restoration to help share the story of the ancient Romans and Greeks below the thin blue line. While diving in coral growth areas, visitors will be able to swim through sculpture gardens that pay homage to ancient Rome and Greece. Whether it is swimming through the Roman Republic Forum, visiting Sounio the temple of Poseidon, or recalling iconic Greek marine mythology, visitors will have the opportunity to dive in uniquely beautiful and engaging areas that foster marine growth communities. She hopes that her storytelling and archaeological narratives help Reef Life accomplish their ultimate goal of restoring our ocean’s reefs."

Reef Life casts in site specific 

Reef Development Matrix.


Our minerally-enhanced substrate increases coral growth and fish biodiversity.

Lianna Nixon-- Oceanic

Archaeologist and Historic REEF Rock Star is working with Reef Life on bringing another incredible facet to an


Stay Tuned!

This Design Gallery and ART Dive Right By Steve Brenna: Guild 41

Reef Life uses decades of architectural casting experience, combined with the latest marine material developments with proprietary nano technologies to design, engineer, cast and deploy a custom dive reef. Original Company ART Casting Movie:



We constantly research ancient ruins data so that we can re-create an architectural, historically correct dive sculpture.




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